Hi, my name is Sagarika. I am a bookworm, internet worm and ......
I love reading books and also talk about them, and share things about books i love.Books are like an escape to me. In this blog i will share with you some of my reads.

 As it is rightly said that "Reading is like dreaming with open eyes".


  1. I try to read a lot....I mean I would love....Can u suggest some ways that might help me read fast and effective

  2. Hi..i would say that reading at a fast pace is real simple..one tip is that read the genres that you like the most. If suppose i like classics and i am recommending them to you it is not necessary that you will like them and therefore you might get influenced to read since i recommended it but you wont like it as much and lag behind. That is all..if anyone wants more tips..leave comments below and i will make a separate article on how to read fast and effective soon...


thank you...